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The Australian GT story started way back in the 1960s - not with the XR GT as most people think, but with the English four cylinder Cortina GT that dominated the Australian racing scene in the early to mid 60s. The 1965 Cortina GT 500 became the first purpose-built car to win the famed Bathurst 1000 km road-race and thus set the stage for a special performance edition for the next 6 consecutive models - XR, XT, XW, XY, XA and XB.

This site is dedicated to the last of the Muscle Car GTs - the XB.

The XB marked the end of the line for the GT as Ford announced in January 1974 that it was withdrawing from motor sport in Australia. Ford then followed suit globally to withdraw from all forms of motor sport. This was the death knell of the GT as there was no longer a need for the performance model.

The car sold well due to its aggressive styling and mean body shape. The GT blackouts (generally) and GT decals only added to the appeal. Also the XB had a wild card up its sleeve that would boost its popularity for decades to come - it became a movie star and kept the rest of the world guessing and scratching their heads for years. Sure, other Australian cars had been in movies before but this was the first to achieve global 'superstar' status and gain a world-wide cult following. Even today there are people in love with this car - although many still don't know what it is. The movie of course is Mad Max, and the car is the black Mad Max Interceptor.

There were 1952 XB GT Sedans and 949 XB GT Hardtops produced between July 1973 and June 1976. How many still remain is a mystery but we would like to know. We have created the first registry for XB GTs on this site and hope that any owners (past or present) will assist us in tracking down some of the greatest cars in Australian history.

We welcome your input to this site.

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