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Publication Author Comments
Modern Motor - December 1973 Rob Luck 1973 First drive XB scoop
SCW & Wheels - January 1974 ? XBGT Ford refines the stormer
Melbourne Motorshow Program - 1974 Program Ad
Modern Motor   McLeod Ford Horn Cars Ad I
Modern Motor - McLeod Ford Horn Cars Ad II
Street Machine - 1980's Goodyear Eagle Ad
Performance Street Car - April/May 1989 ? Fat Black
1990 Ford Muscle Cars #2 John Barrett Green Machine
1990 Ford Muscle Cars #3 Garry O'Brien Tudor Turnaround
Street Machine - March 1990 Chris Gable Redhead
Ford Power - 1990 Michel M Malik Pommery's Pepper
Supercar Feb-Mar 1991 Unknown Grey Fix
Street Machine - March 1991 Andy Bugnane Banana Smoothie
Performance Street Car - Dec/Jan 1995 Mathieu Raudonikis Methanol Monster
Best Fords - #3 - 1997 Ewan Kennedy Black Beauty
Perth Street Car - 2003 Unknown Australia's Best XB GT Coupe

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