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We decided a new page was needed for News, Announcements, Wanted postings and anything else that doesn't fit elsewhere.

This is your site and we want you to help with input and contributions. Lets stay away from the 'rebody' and the 'X? was the ONLY GT' discussions that seem to clutter other Falcon areas online. This is about one model, the XB and particularly the XB GT.

So, got a story about an XB or XB GT? Want to put a feature together on your car? Send us what you've got and we will put it up.



The total XB GT count is now up to 12%! We have accounted for 344 XB GTs out of the 2901 made. To date the breakdown is 231 Sedans (about 12%) and 113 Hardtops (about 12%).

Thank you to the owners - past and present - that have added their vehicles to the registry. Please keep spreading the word as there are a lot more XB GTs out there that should be listed and if you happen to inspect one, see one advertised in the Trading Post, ebay or the like, please email us the details including the VIN number.


Got nothing better to do with your time than look at XB GTs? Good! We would like a few volunteers in each state to help us out. Every week there are new XB GTs advertised and we would like to put their details into the registry. Most are not added as the VIN number is not displayed in the ad. You would call the seller and ask for the details (VIN, Engine Code, Transmission Code, Paint Code, Trim Code). Images are a plus but are not required.

Here is a good example of what we are missing: "Ford XB GT genuine JG-33 351 4 speed, top loader 9in diff, hard side hitů 02-xxxx xxxx". If this car is never recorded it may never see the light of the registry.

This won't take a huge time commitment so if you are interested please email us your information (First Name, City, State).

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